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Enjoy Thēz Nüts with beer and wine, in your favorite recipes, or as a quick and scrumptious snack.

Smokey Sweet KC™ BBQ Almonds

Our almond-based nod to the city we call home. Is there anything more iconic to Kansas City than smokey sweet BBQ? Besides great sports, great art, great shopping, great architecture, great fountains, great weather … ok, we’ll stop while we’re ahead.

We roast almonds in a mixture of organic cane sugar, organic molasses, and our house dry rub. Smokey Sweet KC™ BBQ Almonds is a snack fit for a royal!

Cinnamon Candied Pecans

Old-timey candied pecans, with a modern twist. Made with organic cinnamon, Madagascar vanilla, and organic cane sugar.

Can you taste the secret ingredient …

Bhut Pepper Peanuts™

Are you afraid of ghosts? Our Bhut Pepper Peanuts are tossed in an organic house-blended picante salt mix that incorporates the infamous Bhut Jolokia, more commonly known as the “Ghost Pepper.”

If you are looking to heat things up at your next party (or trying to sell more beer), just sit out a bowl and watch the temperature rise.

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